Installing Solr via Ansible

Installing Solr via Ansible

Solr is an open-source enterprise search engine made by Apache, and automating the install process with Ansible a great way to speed up the process, reduce mistakes and missed steps. The other advantage of course is the ability to install on multiple servers at the same time knowing that all will be exactly the same. Creating the Ansible role was done following DigitalOcean’s How To […]

Aggregating Social Media Content – A WordPress Plugin

Social Media Aggregator Cover Image

We found a reoccurring need, at Invoke, to aggregate social media content from various social platforms and render the content out on a website in… well, in any way you want really. This was a good opportunity to build a WordPress plugin and have the flexibility to re-use on future projects. Hence, the Social Media Aggregator plugin was built […]

My Experience with the Dvorak Keyboard

Dvorak Keyboard

I’ve been interested in the Dvorak keyboard layout for quite a few years now and finally took the time and effort to learn it in May of last year. I rationalized that since I’ll be typing on a keyboard a lot, I might as well use a layout that has many benefits over the de facto standard, QWERTY keyboards. It’s been about a […]


My online photo album has been made into an Android app and I’ve submitted it to the play store. Download the app to your phone!

Multi-threading images from the web into an Adapter

When working with ListViews or GridViews inside Android apps, you may need to load dynamic content, such as photos, from the web into these views. If you’re not multi-threading your UI will hang. This is because everything is running on a single thread and the latency of the network will make your app unresponsive. Most […]

Robotlegs / AS3 Signals Flickr Example

I’ve been spending some time with Robotlegs these days. I find it great to use and coming from PureMVC it was relatively easy to get the basics down. What really helped me out a lot was Joel Hooks posts: And for working with Signals in RL: I’ve created a simple app to […]

10,000 Hours. How Long is That?

Malcolm Gladwell writes in his book, “Outliers”, about how long it takes to become really good at anything complex, from building a gigantic software company to becoming a legendary musician. Researchers say it’s 10,000 hours. How long is that? You can find out below..

The Undocumented “addFrameScript” Method

There’s a useful function inside the MoveClip class (AS3) that will add script inside a Movieclip on a specific frame without actually having to add it manually to the timeline. This is great if, say you have someone working purely on animation and then someone else working on the interface to hold/play/control the animation. A lot of […]

StopWatch Class

I worked on a couple projects a while back that required a stopwatch (or timer) to keep track of time in a game, so I made this StopWatch class. Found it very helpful so I wanna share it. Besides the basic functions of starting, stopping, and resetting, you can also pass in a TextFormat object to change the formatting of the text, get the time in […]

Japanese “Flash Card” Application for Flash Lite Devices

I started learning Japanese not too long ago and to help me with my studies I made a small app to familiarize myself with the Hiragana and Katakana characters. It proved to be very useful while waiting for the bus, taking the train, etc. Here’s some screen shots: You can choose to randomly display the characters for each […]