10,000 Hours. How Long is That?

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Malcolm Gladwell writes in his book, “Outliers”, about how long it takes to become really good at anything complex, from building a gigantic software company to becoming a legendary musician. Researchers say it’s 10,000 hours. How long is that? You can find out below..

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  1. Like it. Simple and elegant. If the slider throbs lightly then it would have been faster for me to figure out where to start.

  2. Do you get to be a good parent in about 1 year? Care for a newborn 18 hours per day, 7 days per week, 1.52 years. Hmmmmm…

  3. You should add weeks per year so people can factor in vacation time or the length of a season (if you’re trying to become an expert in a winter sport like skiing, for instance).

  4. @Bill
    your calculation is if you sleep only 6h every single day, and if you don’t work at all and you’re at all times improving in your parenting (you don’t even let space to eat or shit). plus you’re ignoring that your kids may need to do their own stuff (going to school etc), at which times all you could do is read a book on parenting. even more you oversimplify by assuming that parenting a baby is the same as parenting a 6-8 year old or a teenager. while for a violin, piano, snowboarding, etc, the technique and methods remain the same, this is not true for a growing human being.

    if you were to put 10,000 hours practice on how to take care of newborns(babies) you would probably become an expert at it and could take care of other newborns, but not of a 4,8, or 12 year-old.

    parenting ain’t easy

  5. Absolutely incredible tool, thank you for making it. I recently read Gladwell’s book and this is exactly what I was looking for. Crazy how even an extra hour a day means so much.

  6. Crate

    This calculator doesn’t appear to be accurate:
    10 000 hours/8 = 1250 days not 1750 days as given by the calc.

  7. lol i guess im already an expert at video gaming, to bad i don’t care about it much

  8. LED Guy 315

    Thanks, this helped me figure out “my level of expertise” in electronics. Man 14 years goes by fast. Thanks.

  9. What about knowledge? I think this concept is interesting that you have to dedicate time to something to get good at it. But how does knowledge gets factor in I wonder.


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