Ryan Yacyshyn

Japanese “Flash Card” Application for Flash Lite Devices

By Ryan Yacyshyn | Published Mar 21st, 2008

I started learning Japanese not too long ago and to help me with my studies I made a small app to familiarize myself with the Hiragana and Katakana characters. It proved to be very useful while waiting for the bus, taking the train, etc.

Here's some screen shots: jpfca_01 jpfca_02

You can choose to randomly display the characters for each character set and also show or hide names when the card is first displayed.

I've been testing on a Nokia E65 and works well. If you've seen this app before, you might have read my comment about the small bug that appeared in Flash Lite 2.x -- how the first card was not matching the romanji name. The problem was not enough time was given to completely load the swf before calling some script. I've fixed this by giving more time (read as: inserting more frames) for the swf to load completely before calling any script on it. This way, the swf fully loads and is able to jump to the correct frame to match the romanji. So it works in FL 1.1, 2.x, and 3.0 now but I found it a bit strange how this problem only appeared in the newer FL versions (2.x & 3.0).

Please feel free to download it here and give it a try. If you're studying Japanese I hope it helps!

To find out if your phone has Flash Lite pre-installed, download this pdf file originally available on Bill Perry's blog.