Ryan Yacyshyn

StopWatch Class

By Ryan Yacyshyn | Published Mar 29th, 2008

I worked on a couple projects a while back that required a stopwatch (or timer) to keep track of time in a game, so I made this StopWatch class. Found it very helpful so I wanna share it. Besides the basic functions of starting, stopping, and resetting, you can also pass in a TextFormat object to change the formatting of the text, get the time in milliseconds (it's what I used to store in the database), and parse the milliseconds back into something more readable..

Here's how to use it:

    import ca.ryac.StopWatch;        

    // creates a StopWatch obj and sets the formatting to the txtFormat obj.. 
    // last parameter will set embeddedFonts to either true or false (default is false).. 
    var sw:StopWatch = new StopWatch (txtFormat, true);        

    // pretty self-explanatory.. 
    sw.start (); 
    sw.stop (); 
    sw.reset ();        

    // set or change the formatting and sets embeddedFonts to true.. 
    sw.setTextFormat (txtFormat2, true);        

    // output the time in milliseconds 
    trace (sw.time);        

    StopWatch.parseTime (87292); // returns 01:27:29

Download StopWatch.as